Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Going East

Just thought I'd get things started here with a blog so that whilst away, I can keep friends and family updated with adventures and mayhem as I journey abroad for six months. I am leaving on March 8 and flying to London (England), where I will be for about 6 weeks or so before embarking to China and Mongolia. Plans are still being made, but I will be sure to keep you updated.


King Duncan of Scotland said...

Scarlett please check out and report on healthy food, you know like organic veggies, whole grains, fruits....or is London still all about meat and potatoes

2:13 PM  
scarlett danger said...

As it turns out, there are many vegetarian options throughout the UK, from the nicer restaurants to the typical pubs.) Organic options in shops are available. I have eaten veggie sausage and mash, veggie pasties, veggie pie and mash...all very tasty and healthy!

3:01 AM  

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