Monday, May 01, 2006

Eight Below in Shanghai

Tonight I went to the cinema with my dorm-mate, Ivan, from Denmark. We walked about 20 minutes from the hostel to People's Square (which earlier today was insane because it's the May 1st holiday and everybody and his brother was walking around there.) Near the square is a multiplex cinema featuring an IMAX screen. As it tuned out, we were just in time for the English-language film, for which I earlier saw a poster and was joking that I'd much rather see a film in Chinese than that cheesy-looking movie. Eight Below. A film about an Antarctic expedition that goes awry and the heroic desire one man has to go back to save his team of 8 dogs (huskies and two malamutes.)

But somehow at the ticket booth it seemed like the right idea, so we go the tickets and it turned out to be in the IMAX theater. I had to get popcorn, of course. It was my third time getting popcorn in China, and as of yet, the only kind available has been sweet. But, better than nothing, so I got some and a beer because they sold beer there and I thought...damn, haven't ever bought a beer in a cinema yet!

Now, let's be clear about a few things. I am very much in love with the idea of going to Antarctica some day. And my favorite kind of dog in the world--the one kind I hope to own someday, is a huskie. AND I do like adventure films set in extreme environments. do the math. It was based on a true story as well. So, despite some cheesy dialogue here and there and a corny plot (though some of it is true), I totally enjoyed the movie. And I cried more in that flick then I have in a movie since Beaches.

I don't recommend to anyone else to spend money on this film. But it was just fine for me in Shanghai.


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