Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Coloring in a Map of Mongolia

Gadzooks! I am only here in Mongolia for one more month! I have officially been here five weeks, and it's quite difficult to comprehend. My Web site project has been making some more progress lately, so for that I am pleased. Oyuka brought her computer from home into the office for me to use because all other computers and the laptop I thought was designated for my work have been occupied.

Part of the Web site will include an interactive map of Mongolia. The aimags (provinces) that have LEOS branches will be clickable and will link to information about the branches in those aimags. I found a map online but it has a lot of extra details I don't need and is, quite frankly, a rather dull color. So...this is what I am taking a break from to write...coloring in (thanks Photoshop!) the aimags. It's totally fun.

In other news...well, I went to the museum monastery of Choijin Lama on Saturday, and on Sunday, I met up with the director of the Buddhist center run by the Federation for the Preservation of Mahayana Tradition. She gave me a tour of the center after I attended the very end of the graduation for the students taking the free English classes at the center. They sang a few songs for me, offered me cake and soda and other treats, and then asked me about...twenty questions. Then they insisted I join in their photos during picture time. It was really fun.

Not much else going on. Every week night I leave work, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, study for the GRE, read...etc. Monday nights I am still going to my yoga class. So that is a slight variation :) I think I have my train ticket reserved to take the train to Beijing (July 28) and I am still hoping to plan a trip for the Gobi. Before I know it, I will be leaving this country, so I also hope to get the chance to visit a few more museums and places of interest here in UB. And of course, be here to celebrate Naadam, which starts July 11, I believe. Should be lots of fun: wrestling, archery, horse racing competitions. Music and general celebration.

Ok, back to coloring.


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