Monday, July 17, 2006

All Fun and Games until Someone Injures the Metatarsus

Not sure if it was the running through the wet, muddy field to look at the horse racing, or on the way back to the car to escape the rain, or maybe it was some other fancy footwork I did on the first day of Naadam, who can know. I do know that starting Wednesday afternoon, my foot starting hurting. The metatarsus, to be more precise. And with all the walking I was doing, it really didn't help. By Friday night, it was in severe pain. So, I texted a few Mongolian peeps and asked if I should go to the doctor. One friend told me to put black tea and salt on it and that would help before I had the chance to see a doctor. Indeed, it alleviated some of the pain.

The weekend was spent mainly resting, save for a trip on Sat. and Sun. to the Internet cafe to do some emailing, send out a few resumes, etc. I also went to the ballet, which was great fun. It was a Mongolian ballet and I missed the first 20 minutes, so wasn't sure exactly at what point I came in and what exactly was happening. The costumes and set were beautiful, though, and the dancing and music was mighty enjoyable. I am glad that I went, and it was nice to get out of the apartment!

Today, I went to the Korean hospital. Oyuka took me when I arrived at the office. We took a taxi there and I went in. I had to register, get a little patient card, pay a 4000 T fee (less than $4), and wait to get seen by the doctor. Maybe we waited 15 minutes, and then I went to the doctor's office. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the hospital or his office. It didn't look quite as modern as the Kaiser in Oakland, but naturally, I did not expect that. The doctor looked at my foot and felt it a bit, asking me what hurt as he applied pressure in certain areas. He said X-rays were unnecessary; nothing was broken. He also said my tea/salt application was good and he prescribed me some Korean medicine. I went to the pharmacy, bought the medicine, which cost me about $1.50, and I was on my way.

Should be fine. Just need to rest, take medicine, continue to apply tea/salt mixture and elevate the foot. I hope it gets better in time for this coming weekend. I would like to get out into the countryside one last time before I leave at 8 a.m on Friday the 28th via train (YES I FINALLY GOT MY TRAIN TICKET!!!!) to Beijing.


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