Thursday, July 13, 2006

Frozen Fermented Mare's Milk on a Stick

Yesterday was the last day of Naadam. Alexandria and I saw the final rounds of the wrestling competition, and even though we still didn't know really what on earth was going on, we could tell when one guy lost because he'd be quickly thrown down on the ground and then there was much clapping and excitement from the crowd. We couldn't stick it out until the end because it became unbearably hot, and we weren't so lucky to get in a good section (that had covering), so we were directly in the sunlight. Not to mention, we needed to make it back toward the sqaure to get tickets to a performance we wanted to see that night. I just have four words for you: Chinggis Khan Rock Opera.

On our way home that night, after the show and dinner at an excellent Indian restaurant, we stopped at a market so A. could get supplies for her trip to Khovsgol. And even though we were super full from dinner, nothing sounded finer to me than an ice cream bar for later. The shop only sold two kinds: the pineapple flavor I had tried before and a mystery one. She got the pineapple, I thought I'd try the other one. Uhm, yeah. We were sitting on the chairs in our living room watching The Simpsons with Russian dubbing (over the English, which you could still hear as well), having just laughed ourselves silly because I was trying to sing the Mongolian National Anthem in the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" (because I don't remember the tune, but it was fun to try to read/sing the cyrillic). And it was ice cream bar time. I opened mine, saw that it was creamy white and suspected it was also pineapple flavor, or maybe vanilla. Nope. I tasted it and immediately was overcome by disgust at the sour/dairy flavor. Airag!!!! I started laughing and A. was asking me what it was but I just couldn't tell her. I made her taste for herself, and she was just as shocked and grossed out as I! Then we just could not stop laughing for a good while afterwards because we thought...who on earth thought it was a good idea to freeze that stuff and put it on a stick?!?!?!!?!

My ice cream bar ended up in the trash, barely eaten.


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